Wednesday, July 28, 2004

How I Came Across...

I browsed a couple of weeks ago,and i was totally unaware that there actually are what-you-call-them, good guys on the net. It's just that everyone, mum, dad, aunts, uncles, always warns me, "The net is very dangerous ah, all those ah mao ah gou ah zhu ah niu will send you virus. And then they find out where you live, come to your house to rape you!" Ok, so sometimes things do go wrong. But as long as you are cautious enough not to give others your phone no., address etc. etc., who would come and rape you?
Guess I wander a bit far away from the title...
So, as I was saying, I met a couple of good-guys in BookCrossing. And then I came across some guy named WittySquirrel. I pay special attention to his bookshelf cos' he's pretty active in BC. And then I noticed he has a blog. Guess what? This is the first time I ever heard of this blog thing, surprised?

It was in the middle of the night. Er, it is now the middle of the night. I followed the directions and created a blog, but that's no big deal. The big deal? I have poor command of English. And there I was , typing away, trying to write like a pro. I understand English all right,with an Oxford dictionary. Without the dictionary, I wouldn't understand half of the contents in the Blogger Help. Pathetic? No doubt about that. I envy WittySquirrel. His English is perfect.

I considered taking English lessons after school. But those courses don't come cheap, and my dad just can't afford them. Speaking about my dad, I miss him.. He's in Taiwan at the moment. Won't be back until Friday.
Guess I should go to sleep. There's precisely 4 and a half hours for me to sleep. *yawn*